Welcome to Right Way Driving School, New Jersey’s Premium Driving School. We are committed to providing quality driving Instruction for the safety of NJ motorists. Your driving success is our first priority.

Actually, we are unlike many NJ driving schools that focus on just teaching the basics of car parts and how to operate and maneuver a car – in our school we always make it a point that our students know how to drive safe, be responsible behind-the-wheel, know the rules and regulations (laws). This premise has always been our goal and we wanted to continue providing this to our students.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a teenager or an adult because our goal is simple. It is to make you experience our most comprehensive program in driving lessons facilitated by certified driving instructors in one-on-one basis.

Through time since our first day of operation in New Jersey, we have earned a reputation for responsible and reliable service that is affordable and rewarding. Contact us today to learn to drive the RIGHT WAY!

Parents please watch..

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